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"I really struggled in school, couldn’t focus with my ADHD and felt disconnected from my friends and family, Padraig really helped me through this."

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Hi! I am
Padraig Danaher
The OT Coach

Supporting you to live a more meaningful life

Padraig has been specializing in infant, child and parent mental health since 2011. He works closely with children and their families with a range of developmental, psychosocial, mental health, academic and functional self-care difficulties in areas such as attachment behavioral to developmental conditions.

While Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), Dyspraxia and Complex Trauma present their challenges, Padraig works on the needs of the individual not the diagnosis.

Padraig Danaher The OTcoach
Image by Daniel Leżuch

“Padraig worked with me and my daughter through a really rough time. My daughter was on a downhill spiral of school absence and self-harming to the point of losing her many times. Padraig stuck with us through what seemed like a nightmare that was never going to end. My daughter is now a happy young woman, planning college and we have both our lives back. We wouldn’t have survived without having Padraig’s support”

L.H. came to Padraig to gain home support as her daughter had refused to engage in both clinic and online therapeutic sessions.

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Occupational Therapy Coach

Our work is delivered through individual sessions, both in person and online, through parental educational pieces and workshops designed for parents, allied healthcare professionals and those working within education. We draw on a range of psychological and occupational therapy strategies to help people understand and cope with their daily function. We assist people who are struggling with adverse life circumstances, such as grief, trauma, emotions, stress and parenting, and support people with mild to severe mental health conditions, such as anxiety, self-harm and depression.

Padraig at the lake going outdoor

"My role is to support young people and adults to find meaning in their lives through occupations/activities. Support those seeking to find their “why” to build resilience and focus. While also supporting those seeking joy once again in their day to day living."

Padraig Danaher MA, BSc, BA

CORU Registered Occupational Therapist

Coru member
AOTI member
ICF Member
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