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We visit you,
you visit us

The role is to facilitate a client as they gain more meaning in their life through occupational participation.

The OT Coach treatment plans of each client may encompass a wide scope of approaches and can often draw on several theoretical frameworks to achieve goal attainment.

The OT Coach offers support with

Lifestyle design

What could your life look like and what goals are we going to outline to get there


How can I?.
Is it possible?
What next?

Anxiety management

Take a breath.

We got this.

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IMG-20201004-WA0026 (1)
unloading car..
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The OT Coach can support you with;

  • Building positive relationships

  • Skills to self-regulate and co-regulate with care givers

  • Developing positive self-care skills

  • Increased mental resilience

  • Building confidence

  • Build leisure interests and supports in the community

  • Develop independent skills

  • Stress management

  • Building motivation

  • Cognitive skills training (e.g. problem solving)

  • Sensory modulation

  • Communication and interpersonal skills

  • Community re-integration

  • Psycho-educational interventions

  • Management and adaptation of therapeutic environment

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