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This is Stephanie, they were diagnosed with anorexia nervosa, ASD, and identifies as non-binary.

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Stephanie had felt lost and had been engaging in self-harm for a number of months and was in hospital placement for 6 months. Stephanie stated they had forgotten how to have fun, or who they were as a teenager.

All of Stephanie’s sessions were conducted in the community. Bringing the element of “fun” back into their life. Doing things that held meaning for them, increasing their own happiness as began to gain control over their lives once again. Stephanie’s sessions were based on occupations that had held meaning for them. Each week they engaged in activities, such as attending a farm to feed and care for animals, bike rides, and water activities such as kayaking.

This worked on Stephanie’s occupational identity. As a teenager the goal is to learn to have fun again and do things that brings them joy and positive emotion and a healthy routine.

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